Friday, July 27, 2012

Saturday, July 20th

Hanalei Bay, Kauai
We left Waikiki Saturday afternoon, and motored in light air all the way to Kauai, 120nm overnight. (I really wished we'd replace the gasoline with diesel in one of the fuel jugs to replace what we used in that trip. KK) There was plenty of ship and barge traffic with us as we passed the SW side of Oahu. Once past the developed industrial areas, you can appreciate the rugged beauty of Oahu,

We arrived at beautiful and calm Hanalei Bay Sunday afternoon. There were quite a few boats there, including a good part of the Singlehanded Transpac fleet. This included Moore 24s and Olson 30s. Amazing. We got acquainted with a few of the lads at sundowners on the beach. Adrian, on IDEFIX, (formerly MOF) from UW Yacht Club is planning to sail his Olson 30 on to Australia with his girlfriend and a guy friend. That ought to be interesting. Some of the competitors had buddy boats, non-racing cruising yachts that shadow the fleet. What a good idea!

Hanalei is a wonderful anchorage. In summer, the ocean swells are small and few reach inside the bay. It's 20-40 feet deep with a good holding sand bottom, few wakes, beautiful beaches, little noise, easy shore access, garbage disposal, recycling and showers in the park and stunning scenery of craggy mountain peaks and gentle surf on the reef. There's a river to explore by dinghy, kayak or SUP (standup board) And a pretty good grocery store and restaurants easy walking distance from the dinghy landing. We hated to have to leave so soon.

will post some photos later

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