Saturday, August 11, 2012

Back in our Home Latitudes

Thursday, August 9
Lat 47 01N Lon 134 57W Course 50 Motoring 5kts Calm (duh) Overcast (duh)
After a great downwind ride, wing & wing, gliding on the gentle swells, for a couple days and nights, the wind gave out and we're motoring again.

Although we're 450-500 miles offshore, we're cheering as we pass the latitudes of Astoria (46 10N) and Olympia (47 01N).  We plan to make landfall at Ukee (Ucluelet BC 48 55N) in 3-4 days (and nights, sigh...)

Bill and Seth saw whales spouting today.

Although, we've had good conditions and no real problems (knock wood), we've had about enough and we're really looking forward to the end of this passage.

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