Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fury Cove to Pruth Bay

June 24th.  Fitz Hugh Sound from Fury Cove to Pruth Bay.  Sunny and light north breeze.  Fitz Hugh Sound is surrounded by majestic mountainous islands on either side, with some large waterfalls. Sunshine and blue skies are pretty, but it's a mighty cold north wind for Bill back at the wheel.

After lots of work, Bill got the dinghy inflated and the outboard motor running so we could get ashore.  The institute allows visiting yachties to use their dinghy dock and walk through their large property to the fabulous beach on the other side of an isthmus.  The sun was shining and small waves lapped the long crescent beach.  It's a stunning setting.

Pruth Bay is at the north end of Calvert Island.  A former upscale fishing resort has been converted into the Hakai Institute for environmental research.  Only one other cruising boat was anchored when we arrived. There are just a few researchers and grad students around outdoors, so it's peaceful.
Hakai Institute-info and photos

Fabulous West Beach
 Even without leaks, in damp weather condensation accumulates inside the boat.  So today while motoring north, we disassembled the bedding in the fwd cabin and put a heater and a fan on to dry it out. 
Up until now, we've mostly had the wind from the south or SE behind us.  But the northerlies seem to be getting established, so it'll be on the nose more often going forward.

Weather:  Environment Canada produces several forecasts per day, which we try to get on the vhf
 radio.  However, the reception can be spotty.  Here's a link to the web version  Environment Canada- Marine Weather-Central Coast BC 

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