Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More About Montreal

What a great city!  We haven't seen much, but the areas we've visited are lively, diverse, clean, organized and beautiful.

Today, Wednesday, June 24th is Fete de St Jean Batiste, ie Quebec Day.  Most businesses closed, so we played tourist.  Including a climb up MontRoyal and down again (my aching legs).  There are lots of strolling families around town and along the waterfront.

There are pianos left around for anyone to play.  Here's one:

on the waterfront

Sunny, mild weather.  Montreal is a bike town.  Bike riders are everywhere, at least on holidays.
huge bike rack outside Mont Royal Metro station

We went to a strange place for lunch:  the sign outside said "Boulangerie", but there was no bread inside.  I ordered "Moussaka" but it wasn't really moussaka.  And the creme caramel was really just vanilla pudding.  But it was cleverly decorated and the staff was great and we were really OK.

Clock tower at sunset

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