Thursday, November 24, 2016

August 2016 - France, continued - Les Îles Glenan et Portivy

Les Îles Glenans are a cluster of rounded rocks with some beaches a few miles offshore.  They're a favorite local boating destination and were chock full of boats of all kinds over a holiday weekend.  They are very low lying, so it's hard to get good photos.  Despite how crowded it was, we found a peaceful spot to anchor.  One difference we noticed from US and Canadian cruising, is there are many fewer dinghies buzzing around, which is much more pleasant.  And of course, many fewer big powerboats sending big wakes into the anchorages.  Add French food and wine: life is good there.
Huge sailing school fleet of cats

 It was mobbed...
At low tide, waders cross between two sandbars

The islands have also had defenses on them for eons....

A few more miles south, after an unremarkable stop anchored off Île de Groix barely protected from the ocean swell, we found a beautiful spot all to ourselves in the sheltering arms of Portivy.  Again, it's hard to get good photos of these low lying rocks, but the sunset shows up well.  Followed by fireworks late that night, which turned out to be a common occurrence.
So peaceful, until an outdoor concert started on the beach and the fireworks....

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  1. I love reading travelogue. This one is very amazing the pictures are perfectly clicked. Anyone can just see these pictures and enjoy the beauty of nature. Thank you posting the pictures specially the sunset one, it looks so cool and calm.