Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy New Year from Mazatlan

We had one of our best sails ever across the Sea of Cortez, a 32 hour, broad reach in 12-20kts under a full moon!  It was awesome.   In our enthusiasm, we arrived in Mazatlan late December 30th!  It was breezy and there was a goodly swell running.  Fortunately, the approach is wide open.  So with great care, we found the tiny entrance to El Cid and Marina Mazatlan.

We got a warm reception from Gilberto, the night security manager at Marina Mazatlan.  He liked our boat's name Jarana, which is a guitar from Veracruz, his home town.

There was a great New Years Eve potluck on the dock and we met a lot of folks.  It was a lot of fun.

Kathi: El Cid is the hero in the Spanish classic novel, El Cid.  I remember it as an incredibly boring book I had to read in college Spanish class.  I wonder why they named a hotel after him.   It's right up there with Candide, by Andre Gide, that we had to read in high school French class.  Did anybody else have to suffer through that stuff?

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