Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bye Bye Bora Bora, Really this time

Mon, 2 Aug.
We're finally leaving Bora Bora. Really. We really mean it this time!
We finally departed beautiful Bora Bora for Maupiti. Three other boats were also en route for the 25mi passage. We had a lovely run, arriving at the turbulent and spectacular pass about the same time as our traveling companions. There were huge turquoise breakers and 3-4kt outflow. We kept the main up and motorsailed, hammer down into the lagoon. It was quite exciting.

The pass was shallow, crooked and turbulent, but well marked, as is the channel to the village. There were lots of snorkel boats along the pass, a reminder that perhaps it wasn't really the jaws of death. There were just 2 cruising boats anchored inside the pass. We pressed on the 1 mile to the village anchorage where we were the only boats. We got acquainted with our fellow travelers: Inspriration Lady (Ontario, Can) and Anthem (FL).

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