Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Passage to Niue

Tuesday, August 24th.
We left Suwarrow on Friday and are en route to Niue. This passage is more pleasant than the last, because the seas are calmer and it's not 5 day roller coaster ride. Also, we are getting a little further south, and temperatures are slightly cooler. It's nearly a full moon, which is beautiful, but it blots out the stars.

We've had to start baking our own bread. We need practice I guess. It comes out pretty heavy. The oven temperature is very hard to regulate so that doesn't help.

We started dragging a fishing line again, but no luck so far. The wind has just died and the autopilot was playing dead too for a while. So we were dreading a night of having to actually steer the boat by hand. Heaven forfend! However, Auto revived, so that's a relief. I hope it lasts.

We should arrive tomorrow. I hope we can find a parking place (a mooring). Anchoring is apparently not great there. Niue is an uplifted coral island, with practically no encircling reef, like the leeward Society Islands (Bora Bora, et al).

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