Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tapana Island, Vava'u Group, Tonga

Sept 15th
The Vava'u island group reminds many of us of the San Juans and the Gulf Islands:  wooded islands, with rocky shores separated by 1/2-1 mile passages.  The bay at Tapana island is enclosed by reefs and islands all around, We were anchored near the NE part of the bay, so it was lightly breezy and very flat water.
In the morning, we woke to birdsong, land birdsong.  It had been a long time since that had happened and it was heavenly.  There is a tiny floating Art gallery there, run by a women from Long Beach, Washington.

The next day we heard on the radio that there was a cruise ship at Neifu.  That meant that the village at Ano Beach put on several song and dance performances on  the beach and there were a few dozen ship passengers around.  The ship is out of Australia, so most passengers were Aussie.  This also meant there were many cars and wee trucks giving taxi service. 

Bill and I and Kay from Pylades went ashore for a walk.  Bill decided to walk to town to do some errands.  Kay and I had a regular comedy of errors getting the dinghy started, after having to anchor as we got blown by the wind and pull by the current into moorings and the wharf.  You could have called us "Lucy and Ethel", though Kay would prefer we didn't.  But I managed to get the dinghy started again when Bill called me to pick him up at the beach.

While Bill was gone, another boat came along and anchored closer to us than was really necessary.  It was funny, because another boat had told us that same boat had anchored over their anchor a couple times before.  I guess they just like to be close. 

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