Friday, January 21, 2011

Still in Opua

The past couple weeks in Opua have been not too exciting.
Work continues on the new arch, but mostly in the shop, not
on the boat.  The carpenter has reinstalled the door to the forward
cabin, installed a new shelf in the bow and new sliding doors for the galley locker.  Things look nice.  I dread seeing the bill.

The last several days have been the Bay of Islands Sailing Week,
which consist of three days of racing.  Last Tuesday, the day
before racing started, the area was grazed by a tropical cyclone. 
It blew in the 30s in the marina.  We were cooped up on the boat
for a day and half by that.  Fortunately racing didn't start until the next day.  That didn't prevent the carnage though.  On the first day, between races, a catamaran was holed by a monohull.  Wednesday was fairly calm.  But Friday was pretty breezy, and at least one boat came back without it's mast.

We're in the crosshairs of yet another weather event:  a big low to
the NW and a big high to the SE.  35kts winds are predicted this

We'd like to take the boat over to Russell and go to the movies. 
But using a dinghy in those conditions could be sketchy, so who knows....

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