Thursday, July 18, 2013

Blunden Harbour to Cypress Harbour

Sunday - Thursday, July 14-17,2013, Blunden Harbour - Drury Inlet - Cypress Harbour
We motored southeast down Labouchere Passage from Blunden Harbour to Drury Inlet, and the morning clouds cleared to sunny skies, We turned NE into Wells Passage and then west again to the west end Drury Inlet. After 30 miles of travel, we anchored 4 miles from where we pulled up the hook that morning. Doh!

But it was beautiful and Jarana and Schatzi had the place to ourselves. After a couple tries we set the anchor in 15-20ft in Sutherland Bay. In the morning, when we pulled it up, embedded in the usual ball of mud on the anchor were a bunch of big horse clams... But we're on a catch and release program, so we dumped them off. We always set a trip line on a float in case the anchor fouls. It's also useful to hold the top of the anchor up when we release the shank to dump the mud. It's all part of the glamorous yachting life. The horseflies were horrible, so we spent a lot of time swatting flies. Lynne consoled us with yummy cinnamon rolls.

Yesterday morning we had a quick run up to Cypress Harbour. The scenery includes great views of snowcapped, 4 peaked Silverthorne mountain. The mouth of the harbour opens to a view of Silverthorne (9,200ft) and Mount Waddington (13,100ft!). We anchored in 60ft and forgot to extend the anchor float trip line. So it was submerged at high tide.

We scrambled ashore at the local log dump, bushwacked our way up a logging road and had a good walk up to a plateau of 5-10yr replanted timber. So it was open and sunny.

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