Monday, July 15, 2013

Onward and Southward, Hoo Haaaa

Fri-Sat, 12-13 July 2013 - Alison Sound, via Strachan Bay (Belize Inlet) to Blunden Harbour (Queen Charlotte Strait)
Sunny, westerly breeze: Saturday we motored out of Alison Sound down Belize Inlet to Strachan Bay, passing one inward bound powerboat en route.
At Strachan Bay, we dropped anchor in a lovely little cove. There is some active logging in the area, which provided a float to tie dinghies and a road to hike over a hill to a small lake.
Jarana & Schatzi in Beware Passage

We haven't been bothered by insects too much until our last night at Alison Sound. Then, the horseflies found us. The nasty little beasties were really hard to shake. Even motoring into the wind. We finally smashed the last of them in Strachan Bay. But not before we got a few vicious bites. ugh.

Sunday (sunny and westerly breeze again), we motored down to Nakwakto Rapids, exiting near the end of the ebb in about 3 kts favorable current.
We were rewarded with a fabulous run* down Queen Charlotte Strait to Blunden Harbour during the afternoon. It was just swell... actually, no swell.
Blunden Harbour had several boats anchored already, but there was plenty of room. Since it was still breezy, Schatzi dropped her own hook. That practice had been avoided for several days, because Schatzi's anchor windless is en panne. But this bay was shallow & calm, so Roger (correctly) surmised he could raise their anchor by hand.

*Fabulous = NW winds 15-25kts, 2kts favorable current, flat seas... HoooHaaa!

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