Saturday, November 20, 2010

Catching up in Opua

We've been at the dock in Opua for THREE SOLID WEEKS, working on the boat. It seemed kind of chilly at first, but we've stopped wearing fleece and polypro, and moved on wearing jeans.  We have to keep covered up here because of the midges (itchy biting insects)   Many of our friends are here.  The Opua Cruising Club and the ICA All Points Rally provide nightly food and drink and interesting speakers. Lots of cruisers are buying cars.  We've contented ourselves with renting occasionally.

Apart from that, it's not all bad:  we have beautiful and pleasant surroundings, and Bill can roll out of bed in the morning, drink his latte, then stagger over to the marine store, empty all the money out of his pockets and load up on stuff.  Uh Oh...they let him open an account.  There'll be no stopping him now.
  • Bill installed new batteries. It was a big job, requiring rewiring and carpentry because they're bigger than the old ones..  Ca-ching
  • All the sails have been at the sailmakers (will we ever see them again?) .  Ca-ching 
  • Bill replaced the rusty (but not very old) anchor chain.  GRRR. Ca-ching
          Fortunately, he found some miracle potion that cleaned the rust off the deck.
  • The boat will be hauled out of the water for 6 weeks and painted while we are in Seattle.   CA-CHING
  • And many other tasks to numerous to mention
  • As if this weren't enough, we got a big quote on a new stainless steel arch.  Ca-ching   
  • hold up new solar panels.  Ca-ching 
We have to open a local bank account in order to shovel out the money fast enough.
Ugly rusty anchor chain stained the deck.

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