Monday, January 17, 2011

Return to New Zealand

We had a good trip back to New Zealand and rented a car when we arrived in Auckland.  Our friends Marian and Brian put us up in their lovely home overnight and helped us get back on our feet.  (Thanks Marian!)  We were really tired.  Bobbi Campbell in Seattle had a suitcase to return to Marian in Auckland, so we filled it with boat parts and took it along.  It was the perfect arrangement.  (Thanks Bobbi!)

Tall Ships Race
 When we drove up to Opua, Walter Smith lent us his beautiful home in nearby Paihia for a few days while the boat was still on the hard.

Look, a dishwasher!!!!
It was such a treat and a real convenience for us.  (Thanks Walter and Kathryn!)

All our friends have been so hospitable and generous to us.  We feel really lucky.

Jarana was relaunched a few days ago and is at the work float next to the travelift.  Bill's been installing the allegedly repaired electronics we brought back from the US.  Some work OK, some not so much.  Bill got the sails back onboard and we took the boat out for a sea trial yesterday  It was a fine breezy day and our friends Pam and John Marchant from Passages came along.  We had a few minor surprises.  Only one instrument display worked. One of the jib winches misbehaved (Bill fixed it on the spot).  Oh, and the jib halyard shackle broke.  It wasn't a bad place for that to happen, vs on passage.

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