Monday, May 16, 2011

FINALLY, the Trades

Oh wait, never was just a teaser... Then..., back to motoring.
After part of a day on a pleasant broad reach in 15-18kts, our reef and blade were a perfect fit. We still made 7-8kts.
It was sunny too, so we got some solar charging. For the first few days, the cloud cover was so thick
that we got little solar power. So we had to run the engine daily.

Oh well, it's better than bashing to windward. And we got a little laundry done, though it took ages to dry.
Unfortunately, we can't do anything about the wet rugs, growing who knows what. ugh

Last night we saw a fishing boat. It was brilliantly lit, we could see it for miles off. Mike says it must have been a squid boat.
They probably didn't see our tiny light, as they were probably blinded by their own lights.
It was a reminder to keep a good watch.

On the radio this morning we heard more of our (wiser) friends leaving NZ on a nice broad reach.
(What day is it anyway?) A couple gannets came by to give us the once over.

Our landfall is still undecided, could be Lavuka or Savu Savu, depending on where we can make a daylight arrival.


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