Monday, July 30, 2012

Honolulu, June 30th-July 20th

Waikiki, Hawaii Yacht Club, Aloha Dock
Diamond Head, Honolulu
Sorry for the blogging lapse:  Our time in Waikiki was filled with mundane, mostly non-blogworthy chores.  Kathi had a small flat nearby for a few days, so Bill & Kathi stayed ashore until Mark and Nance left on July 3rd. We broke out the bikes and put them to good use.  Bill was able to bike to West Marine.  We did find a relatively cheap rental car, so we had 4 big wheels (vs 4 little bike wheels ) for the last week of errands. It was nice to have the car to meet Seth when he arrived on July 17th.  Hawaii Yacht Club was a happenin' place on the weekends with live music. We biked across the bridge to Waikiki Yacht Club a few times for drinks and wonderful dinner and brunch.

The parts we ordered from the mainland arrived timely, and Bill replaced the throttle control and autopilot ram.  He also replaced the leaky emergency steering cover in the stern.  The jib foot needed a minor repair, which Bill was able to fix onboard.   Mostly we worked on the boat in the mornings while it was cool and we then could go for a swim at a nearby beach in the afternoon.  We ate out a lot and put on some weight.

A number of Canadian cruisers passed through while we were there either coming or going from the mainland. Two were singlehanders:  We were rafted to Silk Purse, (skippe r& crew Kirk) from Victoria BC waiting out an early cyclonic season en route to Japan. Jeanne Socrates on Neirada stopped by briefly during her 2nd circumnavigation.  She's finishing her second solo circumnavigation en route to Victoria.  Both have good blogs, Neirada has a link on 48 North's web site and Silk Purse is easy to google.

Also a couple French boats stopped in and we had a good time with them.  One, Zeecada, (Yves & Reine) is en route to Sitka, and we hope to see them again in BC in the fall. Nicolas and Gilberte from Reunion Island (west Indian Ocean) aboard Batt2, which they purchased in Seattle and spent several months moored next to the Fremont bridge.  They plan to leave the boat in Hawaii while they go to Paris to rehab an apartment for 3 months later in the year.  We're hoping they'll stop by Seattle on their way back to Hawaii in January so we can all go to the boat show as a family.

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