Saturday, September 5, 2015

Rockport and Camden, Maine

August 20th - Bucks Harbor was a great anchorage.  It was a long day in the fog to get there, but it was far enough inland that we were rewarded with calm clear weather and very few lobster pots. 
Bucks Harbor Yacht Club

August 21st - Camden is Maine's iconic harbor village, where the windjammer fleet is based. Granted, because of tourism, it's a bit Disneyfied, compared to the more obscure villages.  But nonetheless it's a lovely natural setting with a very charming and busy village.
Camden Library

We tied up at a very convenient Camden Yacht Club float.  Camden Harbor is a very small scenic harbor, so in order to squeeze the most boats, small detached docks are lined up with a yacht tied on each side.
Nifty granite steps

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  1. Disneyfied?! Aw, come on--it's just a really pretty town. We have a lot going on year-round, and it's a great place from which to start a cruise.
    BTW, we're anchored next to you in Back Creek (October 13).
    Jane, S/V Bravo