Sunday, July 17, 2016

Passage to Bermuda

Dates:  May 20,2016 - May 28, 2016  Distance: 970nmi  But we sailed:  1027nmi Doh! 
On May 21st, after 6 weeks of hard work preparing the boat in Florida, we exited Port Everglades out into the Gulf Stream.  Alan Johnson from Seattle was on board to help us get the boat to  Bernuda and the Azores.  We were really glad he had the time to come with us.  Fortunately, the passage started out with moderate winds and low seas.  It had been a long time since we'd done an ocean passage, so it was a big adjustment to get our sea legs again.  As usual, Kathi had prepared some hot meals in advance, but the weather was so warm, she didn't want to turn on the stove.  So we ate a lot of salads and sandwiches at first. 

Alan at the helm
To start out, we all used scopolomine for seasickness, but both Bill and Alan continued to struggle with it.  Once Alan added Dramamine to the mix, he could function better.  It's most difficult being down below in the cabin, so he spent all his waking hours out in the cockpit and stood very long watches.  Thanks Alan, it was a great help.
Bill relaxing
And, we caught a big wahoo, with lots of big white teeth.  Unfortunately, the battery in my camera was dead, so no photos..

This turned out to be the hardest of the 3 passages across the Atlantic.  For a couple days, we sailed upwind (ugh!), somewhat unnecessarily, and seas were rough and confused.

But, eventually it was over.  St George Harbour, Bermuda, was a welcome and peaceful anchorage.  Whew! We were glad to put that all behind us.  And, we were looking forward to a rendezvous with friends.

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