Friday, November 25, 2016

August 2016, continued - Le Golfe de Morbihan

Le Golfe de Morbihan, one of our main destinations on the French coast, is an enclosed body of water sprinkled with islands, quaint villages and oyster farms, in south Bretagne.  The islands ressemble the San Juan Islands in Washington.   
The current rushes through the narrow entrance and shallow channels scattered through.

We rejoined our kiwi friends, Ross and Ann who we met at Roscanval near Brest.  So we had a few days good company before setting off on different courses for a while.  Much of the area is very shallow and with strong currents, so it was challenging to find a good spot to anchor. 
 Locmariaquier village at low tide

 We found a workable spot behind a small island with an abandoned house.  It seemed incomplete, but would have been a pretty château style home.

Oyster farms
and a garden cart....


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  1. I am liking the review of the place so far. I love places that involve water and islands. I appreciate that you have added lots of pictures too.