Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gulf of St Lawrence and Prince Edward Island aka PEI

Leaving Cap Gaspe behind, we had a boisterous sail against wind and seas, but under bright sunshine south past scenic Cap Perce (prounounced cop pear say)

The nearby shore is also very rugged, but there's a bowl with a village in it.  My photos don't convey it's beauty.

Then there was Cap Espoir, (Cape Hope), all in a few hours sail.

What a beautiful day.  We ended by rafting to a fishing boat in St Therese, a tiny manmade harbour on the north shore of Baie de Chaleurs (warm bay).  Ironically, it was the coldest night in weeks,

The next day, we continued south, motoring all day, 93 miles, 14hours (Ugh!!!), in dead calm, to a different, but beautiful and peaceful place, Baie du Vin in Miramichi Bay.  It is very low lying, so it's hard to take interesting shots.  So just take my word for it.  We stayed a couple nights, and did a bunch of boat chores the next day.  Bill replaced the head pump, which had been an unpleasant problem for months.  Yay Bill!

Then yesterday, July 11th, was another long motoring day in dead calm to Summerside, PEI.  Another major milestone.  And we passed the 1,000 mile mark in our cruise.  AND we're now on Atlantic Daylight Time, 4 hours ahead of Seattle, 3 hours after UTC!   Whoo Hoo!

Unfortunately, we picked another lumpy spot to anchor with lots of wind and tide sloshing around.  This morning we moved to the marina, did laundry, went for a bike ride in muggy sunshine and had lobster for dinner.  I just buy them pre-cooked and we have a messy meal in the cockpit.

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