Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week 3, continued: From the St Lawrence River to Gaspe

Anchorages are few along the south shore of the river, so we had some long days either sailing or motoring to get to Gaspe.  The cape is very dramatic, but unfortunately we rounded after dark, arriving at Gaspe town at 1am.  It's a great, sheltered bay and we were able to drop anchor and have a restful night.

We stayed another couple nights before heading south.  It's a terrific area, and we could have stayed longer.  Lobsters were on the menu again.  There was another cruising sailboat anchored there, Cristata, of Victoria BC.  Terry and Jannine have been on a multiyear circumnavigation and gave us some great tips.  We hope to see them again somewhere, sometime.

As we left the Baie de Gaspe, we took a short detour to see Cap Gaspe. (pronounced cop gosspay) in daylight.  It's very dramatic and marks the transition from the St Lawrence River to the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Thus endeth Week 3....
Sorry, I've lost track of the mileage.

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