Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hello and Goodbye, PEI

July 12, Summerside, PEI

We got a berth at the Silver Fox Curling and Yacht Club, right next to the Holland College Maritime Training facility (and fuel dock).  It was really warm but we went for a bike ride and stocked up on lobsters.

The next day we moved SE towards Charlottetown, capital of PEI.  On the way we passed under the impressive Confederation Bridge.  It curves over the Northumberland Strait, which divides PEI from New Brusnwick.  It's 8 miles long and 60 m high in the center (~180ft).  The strait is icebound much of the year.  We found a pleasant anchorage just out of Charolottetown the first night, and then got a berth at the yacht club the 2nd night.

Charlottetown is visited by cruise ships, so it has a cute old downtown.  After the usual grocery shopping expedition, we enjoyed some terrific fiddling at the Old Dublin Pub.

Gotta keep moving, so the next day we motored (again!) in calm waters with some good current push to Murray Harbour at the SE end of PEI.  It was an idyllic estuary for our last night in PEI.  Unfortunately, the only photo I have from there is one of the 1,000s of lighthouses there must be in this country.  They're everywhere.  This one has a little maple leaf on it.

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