Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tea Time

At the kitchen store in Papeete, on impulse I bought a couple decorative china cups and saucers that were on sale.  Behan Gifford on Totem from Seattle came by for tea.  We had tea (in a teapot) on a tray, sugar lumps and canned cream from Mexico. (There's great cream in the stores here, I should buy that and toss out the Mexican stuff.)  It was a change from the mugs or insulated car mugs we normally use, and a reminder of "gracious living" back home.

Behan remarked that the blue and white shell motif on the cups looked like the tile trim SYC ladies rooms.  Actually, they match a plate I bought in Friday Harbor, which of course, is in storage.

We're easily entertained.

1 comment:

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