Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stalking the Stillmans and Not Being Roger

July 17th & 18th Viner Sound and Cullen Harbour
We had a short, uneventful motor passage from Blunden Harbour southeast to Drury Inlet. Once we'd traveled up to the head of Drury Inlet, we were just 4 miles from where we started that morning. We had a few sketchy radio contacts with Susie & Charlie on the VHF, HF and 2meter radios, but usually we couldn't hear each other very well, so it was hard to arrange a rendezvous. However, we were able to stalk the Stillmans up Viner Sound, They'd found a mooring (rare) around a corner, out of sight. But we found them anyway.

We took 2 other free moorings and were the only boats there. After Susie, Charlie and Bill had a swim off the back of Jarana, we organized the first meeting of the Viner Sound Supper Society. Everybody brought lamb and side dishes and wine of course, so we had a Lambapolooza with mint jelly and everything. Colene & Bill, guests onboard Gratitude brought us up to a quorum of 8 onboard Jarana for dinner. A great time was had by all, but no photos survive to prove it.

The next day we all went our separate ways: Schatzi (Werners) went to Port McNeill, Gratitude (Stillmans) went to Greenway Sound and Jarana went to Cullen Harbour. Leaving Viner Sound a panorama of blue water, green hills and snowy peaks unfolded behind us. It was one of the most beautiful spots we've visited made even nicer by a good dinner with great friends.

Cullen Harbour is a beautiful little anchorage among some small islands on the edge of Queen Charlotte Strait. As we approached under sunny skies, a humpback whale was loitering around the entrance (photos to follow).

After poking around the islets, as we dropped the hook, a Seattle J-40 Tula passed by and invited us for sundowners. So we made the acquaintance of Bob & Margaret Liston and their guests Kay and Bill. They mentioned that we were "not Roger". They had seen many "not Rogers" in their search for Schatzi who we'd been with daily up until then.

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