Friday, July 12, 2013

Up a Creek

Thurs, July 11th, 2013 - Skull Cove,
We awoke to a sunny & showery morning and enjoyed a peaceful (quiet) rowing dinghy tour around to explore. Around 1130 we left via skinny Schnooner pssage to Nakwakto Rapids. A few dolphins accompanied us. We arrived a little early but bucked current to enter Belize Inlet. There were showers ahead, but mostly they receded ahead of us as we motored up Belize Inlet for miles. The recent rains fed many waterfalls. There are a few remainig petroglyphs from the native peoples that once occupied this area. The mix of replanted forests reflect years of logging in the area. Recent clearcuts are scattered and small.
Schatzi & waterfall, Belize Inlet

Many of the mountains that enclose Alison Sound are great bald rocks scoured clean by ancient glaciers. The entrance is blocked by a 35-45ft sill and the main channel os 900-1000ft deep. The water at the lower depths must have been captured here for eons.... We saw one seal, ducks & loons. no bears so far. At the head of Alison sound is a glade and a valley to explore. We anchored in 70ft with a stern shore tie.

Roger put down a shrimp pot but had no luck. We bbqed steak & ribs and had a nice dinner aboard Schatzi.

Friday, July 12th, 2013 - Alison Sound
We awoke to a sunny & showery morning and discovered our shore tie was keeping our rudder off a shoal to port.
We dinghied up the creek for a little exploration. The fresh water tasted fine. When we got back to the boats, Bill discovered the freshwater still tasted fine.
ie, we're floating in a freshwater lake which is itself floating on saltwater. En route, the depthsounder often showed 12ft, leading us to believe that
s the freshwater-saltwater boundary.

Dinner is crab-bait-chicken-caprese cassarole. Yum. Tonight's chicken thigh bones are tomorrows crab bait.

It looks like another calm night.

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