Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ocean Falls, Abandoned Mill Town

Reluctantly, we left paradise at Pruth Bay.  It would have been really nice to stay another day, but weather and time said we should move on.  The day was calm, sunny and hot as we motored up Fitzhugh Sound 47 mi to Ocean Falls, an abandoned mill town at the end of Cousins Inlet.

 It's a beautiful if sad setting sprinkled with wildflowers around abandoned and collapsing buildings, rusting vehicles a dam and roaring spillway.

There are a few remaining local residences, a small hotel & cafe and a really good public dock with several boats.  

The SYC burgee left by our friends on Schatzi and Perseverence still hangs in the dock shack.
The fishing nearby must be good, from the great blackmouth salmon being fileted at the docks fish cleaning station.

A strong inflow wind blew all afternoon as we explored the area.  The inlet is girded by tall stony mountains and the trickle of waterfalls here and there.

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  1. Love your beautiful picture of the old Catholic Church and Company house to the right and the dilapitating Garden Apts to the left. Is this the only picture you took on your stroll around the town? My early childhood was spent there. It was a really beautiful little town at one time, with wooden streets built on stilts and around 4000 people. Thank you for sharing! John Jensen