Saturday, August 2, 2014

Checleset Bay, Vancouver Island

Mon, July 28 Columbia Cove
This was a beautiful anchorage, although too shallow to stay in the main cove.  So we rafted with Anomandra's Blues in the entrance in calm conditions overnight. 

Tue, July 29th, Bunsby Islands

We found a beautiful anchorage in Bunsby Islands and stayed two nights.  Unfortunately,since our dinghy outboard was sketchy we only explored our immediate cove by rowing. 
BOB, Bear on Beach, finally

 However, the first evening just as we sat down for dinner in the cockpit, a bear started turning over rocks in search of his dinner on the beach a few hundred feet from the boat.  So, while our dinner was cooling in the waning daylight, Bill was able to shoot a lot of "film".

There was also a noisy otter about.  They float on their backs while loudly cracking shells for their meal.

The second day we were joined by our friends John and Diane aboard Anomandra's Blues.  A bear appeared on the opposite side of the cove too.

50 01.6254 N    127 22.4652 W

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