Sunday, August 17, 2014

Movin' Along - Esperanza Inlet to Tahsis

Aug 3rd, Queen Cove, Sunny with a light breeze
A calm and easy passage from Rugged Point to Queen Cove, not quite enough wind to bother with the mainsail.  There were several boats there.  One was a converted trawler/seiner used as a base for sport fishermen who fish from small boats at the mouth of Esperanza Inlet   Our friends, John & Diane from Anomandra's Blues joined us.

Aug 4th Nuchalitz,
sunny, calm with some fog

Just a few miles away, the pretty & rocky Nuchalitz Bay and park was a lovely and peaceful anchorage.  During the afternoon, we explored in the dinghy.  The evening's entertainment was cocoa and Upwords aboard Anomandra's Blues with John and Diane.

August 5th Tahsis
Under sunny skies, we motored inland to Tahsis and stayed in a
sportfishing marina.  It was very lively, with a festive floating patio and
Jimmy Buffett music playing.  In the afternoon, there was a bright display of the day's catch at the cleaning station next to the bar.  (By the time I thought to take a picture of the bounty, they were done and the fish was gone.  It was a sight to see)

Tahsis is another former mill town, reinventing itself, but it was still pretty quiet.

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