Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fresh Off the Truck

Dredging the Genesee River in front of the marina
Irondequiot (Rochester) NY

The truck arrived in good nick (except for a couple spots where the pads wore through the bottom paint), Friday June 5th, at Shumway Marine on the Genesee River, in Irondequoit NY, a suburb of Rochester. 

We worked a long, exhausting week unpacking and putting things back together.  It was a huge job.  The Shumway Marine yard is very well located, with a handy small chandlery on site and a small shopping center across the street.  We had a rental car ans stayed in a Kathy and Jim's comfy and roomy b&b for the first week.  It was such a relief to come "home" at night after a long day's work.  
We finally cleared out enough stuff to stay aboard starting this last Wednesday night and cooked our first meal Thursday night. 
The radar mast was very corroded and was powder coated this week.  Bill will finish installing it today. 

We finally visited Rochester Yacht Club right next door last night.  It's a beautiful and friendly club and we Seattle Yacht Club will make reciprocal relationship with them.  We saw Tacoma YC and Corinthian burgees there already!

Tomorrow we will leave here and cross Lake Ontario to the north to Presqu'Ile, the Murray Canal and the Bay of Quinte towards Kingston in Ontario, Canada.  Presqu'Ile is pronounced "Press Keel". Yikes! I hope that doesn't mean anything like it sounds...

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