Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cruising the Atlantic Coast of Portugal - Part 1

In mid-September, we crossed the border from beautiful Galicia, Spain, into Portugal, still in the company of the small OCC (Ocean Cruising Club) East Atlantic Rally (6 boats)..  The coast flattens out and the scenery is less dramatic.  However, we visit a number of pleasant coastal towns en route to Porto and Lisbon.

Most are shallow estuaries requiring entry in calm conditions.  Prices are even lower than Spain.
Our first 2 stops were Viana do Costelo and Povoa de Varzim, very similar towns and ports.

From Povoa de Varzim, we took a short bus ride to Porto.  It's a fantastic town to visit, but very crowded and seems smothered by visitors.
Porto Skyline

Lavishly decorated old Stock Exchange

And of course, Port wine warehouses

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  1. Santiago de Compostela is the most beautiful place in Spain.I have seen its pics before too but after reading about your experience of Santiago de Compostela I badly want to go there right now.