Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Levuka, old colonial capital of Fiji

Levuka turned out to be the "Mayberry" of Fiji.  Lots of friendly townsfolk.  The customs agent was outraged at the exhorbitant price somebody charged me for papaya.
Lovely people

Combined bell tower and range maker

Town Hall
Old Masonic Temple

Old Royal Hotel Lobby - very Graham Greene, no?

Hotel Veranda, enter Peter Loree

Every place since burns rubbish


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  1. F.Y.I

    Have you seen gun rock, near Levuka-va-Viti?

    Gun Rock

    This point above Levuka village was used in 1849 as a target by the HMS Havannah to impress upon Chief Cakobau the power of the warship’s cannon. It is said to be where the first Europeans spent their first night ashore. The rock was again battered by naval guns in 1874 by Commodore Goodenough to entertain Fijian chiefs in Levuka. Visitors who inspect the rock can still see the scars left by cannonballs.

    In a more peaceful vein, Roman Catholic missionary Father Breheret said his first mass beneath the shelter of Gun Rock after his arrival in Levuka in 1858.