Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Second Visit to Naselesele, Our Second Mistake

The next day the weather was fine and we headed back towards Naselesele where we knew there was a good store (shop). It was Sunday and we knew it wouldn't be open, but we planned to shop on Monday and leave again on Tuesday. Ha, it was not to be.

The wind came up in the night and built and although the anchorage is protected by a huge reef, there's a long fetch for the wind waves to build inside of it. There are only 2 wee islands to windward of us, so we felt quite exposed to the brunt of the wind from the southeast. There were a couple small reefs behind us, so if we drg anchor we might hit one rudder first.  Not good.  The anchor held well, but we didn't dare leave the boat for a day or so. After a few days, the winds finally settled down, we were able to get ashore and do our shopping, eat out and get on the internet. It was time to move on to nearby Matagi.

After the winds subsided and the weather cleared, we overheard radio traffic among the friends we were with at Matawa.  Most of the group was moving on to the north side of Vanua Levu and we were headed the other way.  We would continue to be on our own and we would miss them.

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