Saturday, July 23, 2011

Matagi Island, not a mistake this time

We moved east to nearby Matagi. We were pleased to see our Dick & Patricia from the Netherlands on Geremar, beautiful Malo 48. Matagi is a tiny creseent shaped island formed by a sunken volcano caldera. The only development is a small resort at one end. The bay formed by the caldera is steep sided, with a pretty beach and lots of coral. The resort brings a few guest over to a the beach for picnics. (We were asked not to disturb them. hmmm)

We did a little snorkeling outside the bay. The bay opens to the north and the wind was predicted to swing around from that direction, so after peaceful nights, we moved around to Qamea Island. We anchored at Namata Bay at Qamea, on the east end of Qamea. There are several houses there and lots of boats coming a going. Our friends Howard and Lorraine from Tasmania on Namzamo were there. One night we had drinks aboard their boat and the following night, they planned came to Jarana to watch a movie with us.
Namata Bay
ur itty bitty movie projector has turned out to be a good way to entertain our friends with a movie. Since Jarana has a big plain white bulkhead, we can project films on it. We can almost comfortably seat 4 people for viewing.

I (Kathi) spent all day cleaning the boat interior for "company".   I was exahusted by the end of the day.  But the wind was changing to the north quickly and Namzamo was closer to a reef.  So they decided to stay aboard that night.  Because the wind had passed through the north quickly, so we decided to head back to Dolphin Bay Divers Retreat on Vanua Levu for a couple more dives on Rainbow Reef.  (Bill had previously dived with them one day while we were at Viani Bay.)

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