Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bye Bye Bora Bora, almost

It's been a great couple of weeks, but it's time to move on. 

Friday night we got great pizza from a roulotte (mobile kitchen) and a bottle of wine from the grocery store across the street.  We then went down the quaiside parade ground for Heiva, the traditional Tahitian dance and song performances.  There were about 100 performers, male & female dancers, singers and musicians and throngs of people milling around.  Just as the show started, it rained for 5 minutes.  It was pandamonium for a while.

We sat near an elderly lady and her granddaughter who knew the words and gestures to the songs.  The performance group was from a nearby village and the lady said her other grandchildren performing that night.

We biked back to the boat in the dark.  People don't drive too aggressively, so it was a pleasant ride.

We left BBYC and explored other parts of Bora Bora's big lagoon.  It's odd, as on other islands, the leeward side of the island is very gusty.  The "windward" side, has a fairly consistant 15kt breeze that's much more pleasant.  Since you're within a reef, waves don't build up, but the boat sails back and forth.

We snorkeled a little, but there is lots of current and wind sometimes.  In some locations the fish are fed.  So when you get in the water they mob you.  But they're cute and yellow so no big deal.

We splurged on dinner at Bloody Mary's.  I wish we'd just gone for lunch of bloody marys and fish and chips.  It's a high-volume tourist restaurant, complete with 80s hair band music.  However, we got a free mooring for the night.  For the same $130 we got a much nicer dinner at Kaina Hut up the street.

We've got lots to do before we leave:  provision, lube winches, stow stuff, and make future arrangements for New Zealand. 

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