Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Goodbye Moorea

July 3rd we finally left after two beautiful weeks on the north shore of Moorea.  After waiting out a several days of 20-30kt winds, we headed back to Papeete.  It took a couple tacks in 10-12kt winds and lumpy seas to reach the pass into Arue to moor at Tahiti Yacht Club, arriving around 1330.  That was the perfect time for the C-Map chip to crash our both plotters!  Doh! 

Usually you radio TYC and they send a dinghy out to guide you in.  (Some of the inner marks are a little off,)  But the manager was busy and didn't hear our hail.  Our friends on Capaz and Blue Bottle also didn't hear us (we wanted to ask the pass coordinates, because the GPS still worked).  We rummaged around for the paper chart (among the dozens on board).  But we didn't find that particular chart.  Our French cruising guide has a detail of the bay, but it's cut off right at the entrance pass...Great!

Eventually Bill got the nav station plotter to read the chip, so he could guide me (Kathi) to drive in, ever so slowly.  We found our mooring ball, tied up and got the canvas set up before the deluge started.

We made a quick trip to Carrefour (Food Heaven).  Not quite quick enough as it turned out, as the next deluge started as we walked back.  We found a bus shelter to wait out the worst.  I finally got to use the umbrella I bought in Papeete last time at the "rainstorm price"  ($15).

Capaz invited us over for french bread pizza and we had a wonderful feast and a fun visit  in their spacious boat.  ;-)

TYC Sunday Noise Rating:
Faraway barking dogs (faint)  *** 
Only 1 rooster  ***
No traffic noise  ****
Few passing boat wakes  ***
Pitter patter of rain on the roof *****
Softly Crashing Surf *****

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