Saturday, August 14, 2010

Goodbye Maupiti

Friday, Aug 6th

Today, we say goodbye to Maupiti and begin our passage to Suwarrow.
The snorkeling here has been so so. We're really spoiled.

However, I am pleased to award the best sound ratings so far:

Barking Dogs: ***** (practically nil)
Roosters Crowing: **** (1 or 2, who cares)
Automobile Traffic Sounds: **** (nil)
Loud Music: **** (heard only church choir practice. hoping for more)
Jetskis: ***** (None!, That said, they were really quiet in Bora Bora, must be 4 stroke, not bad)
Outboards: *** (a fair amount, as that's the main form of transportation here. It's good to hear them coming, to warn us of the wake)
Radio Chatter: *** (still can hear the fleet Bora Bora, but not constantly)
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