Saturday, August 7, 2010

Marvelous Maupiti

Tue, Aug 3rd,
We can still see the mountain of Bora Bora across the sea and hear the BBYC VHF conversations, so we don't feel too far away. I wish we could post some pictures.

We'd never heard of this island before coming to the Societies. It's the place we've been looking for: beautiful island and lagoon, few boats, tidy village, drinkable water, beautiful beach, no hotels, but a few pensions spread around. What a joy. It's our Polynesian Mayberry. And - the boulangerie sells bread and doughnuts ALL DAY! (most other islands run out by 10:30 am)

Wed, Aug 4th
I biked around the island with the other sailors, and Bill walked. He didn't take much longer
than we did, it's only 11km around. There are a number of cars and small trucks. There are
more bikes than cars. Many bikes are available for rent.

Thurs, Aug 5th,
Anthem and Inspiration Lady are leaving for Rarotonga. The Spirit of Nyumi Nyumi (yes, it's a
boat) is still here with us. We spent a marvelous afternoon roaming the kilometers of warm,
shallow sand bars, that seem to stretch on forever. Paradise. sigh... we hate to leave.

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