Friday, June 22, 2012

Rangiroa to Hawaii - Day 10 - Out of the Doldrums

Friday 22 June 2012
Lat: 05°36.98'N  Long: 145°39.75'W    1200 NM from Honolulu
Stbd tack reach, heading 330T at 7.1 kts
Cabin Temperature: 87 deg F  Humidity:  76%

Life is good again.  We finally escaped the clutches of the Doldrums and are rocketing on our way to Hawaii. 

Yesterday found us deep in the ITCZ and we experienced several rain squall as we crossed.  Wind around the squalls came up enough to sail about an hour, but we had to motor between the squalls.  We managed to collect a few gallons of water that will be used for dishes and such, but it's not clean enough to drink, except in an emergency.  About 2100, the wind was up enough to sail again, and it steadily built overnight.  There was some distant lightning around the boat in the night, but by morning the sky had cleared and we are now solidly in the trade winds.

This morning, we also passed the halfway point to Hawaii.  The first half took ten days, but the second half will go much quicker and we should be in Hawaii in seven days.  At our current speed, we should be there some time next Friday.  The weather forecast is almost the same every day at 14 -18 knots from the NE, but gets lighter as we approach Hawaii.

I know I said I was done talking about fishing, but we actually caught a small tuna yesterday afternoon.  We celebrated the occasion by eating him for dinner.

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