Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rangiroa to Hawaii - Day 16 - The Last Full Day

Thursday 28 June 2012    Lat: 19°43.16'N   Long: 156°33.05'W  120 NM from Honolulu
Motoring in lee of Hawaii, heading 320T at 5 kts
Cabin Temperature: 86 deg F  Humidity:  71%

During the night we could see the glow of light from the Kona Coast, but in spite of being only about 25 miles away, the Big Island has remained completely hidden in a shroud of clouds and haze.

Since about 0100 this morning, there has been too little wind to sail and we have been motoring.  We're starting to see a little wind coming from the other side now, but it's still too light.

On the plus side the seas have moderated considerably, making life aboard more comfortable.

We will be in Honolulu tomorrow morning.

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