Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rangiroa to Hawaii - Day 15 - The end is in sight

Tuesday 26 June 2012,   Lat: 15°37.32'N   Long: 153°41.73'W  420 NM from Honolulu
Stbd tack reach, 2 reefs, heading 310T at 7.2 kts
Cabin Temperature: 86 deg F  Humidity:  76%

The big island of Hawaii is 240 nm away, so we should see it some time tomorrow.  By tomorrow night, we should be in the lee of it, experiencing flatter seas, but also, much less wind.

We had a couple fast days in the NE trades, making 194 nm in one 24 hour period, but our speed has dropped a bit, making only 174 miles in the last 24 hours.

Flying fish keep landing of the boat and I have thrown seven back in the water this morning, though none of them were still moving.

Our ETA in Honolulu remains midday Friday.  I can see nothing in the weather models that would change that significantly.

Yesterday, we had a boobie land on the bimini after circling the boat for hours trying to figure out how to land.  He made an awkward departure after only about 15 minutes, landing in the water next to the boat.  Perhaps he didn't like the motion either.

Things have gotten cooler at night and we have resorted to wearing partial raingear to keep warm.  The last two days have been cooler on board under an overcast sky, but the sun is out again today, so its pretty warm in the cabin again.

We're all dreaming of long showers and ice cold tropical drinks.  Under other circumstances we'd all look forward to bumming rides for the Friday night racing at Hawaii Yacht Club, but after 17 days at sea, maybe a few hours ashore would be nice.

And I really look forward to spending some time with Kathi.  We still have an anniversary to celebrate.

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