Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Big News! We put up the kite!

Sunday, 4 August 2012 
Lat 42 40N Long 146 50W Course 25 
Boatspeed 7kts Wind 12kts SW

Flying the kite, a rare occurrence for us. We've hauled the thing around for 25,000 miles buried in the back of the boat. It's been out a few times, torn, repaired and stowed again. But today, after several days of crawling along at 3 kts or motoring, Bill finally had enough (and fuel is running low).

I had just told him we would run out of milk and would have to switch to powdered milk.
Maybe that's what did it.  Anyhow, he drug the asym up to the bow and rigged it, Seth hoisted and were off. We were doing 5kts in 6kts of breeze.  The wind gradually picked up to 8 kts, 10 kts and now 12 kts.  Whohaa! We are all so relieved to get the boat moving again.

But wait, there's more!  We caught a fish too. while sailing under spinnaker. Seth minded the sail.  The asym doesn't need much trim. (Racers, brace yourselves: the sheet is cleated! I can imagine the gasps of shock). Meanwhile, Bill landed and filleted the albacore.  It's a nice sensible, 2 meal size for a change.

And it wasn't even noon yet.

We've been seeing debris:  barnacle encrusted logs and beams.  We've managed to avoid running over them, but another boat has hit a couple.

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