Friday, August 31, 2012

Onward and Upward (northward)

Friday, 24 August, Cortes Island, BC
Tuesday:  We motored from Nanaimo to Garden Bay SYC outstation (Pender Harbour) and spent one night.

Wednesday:  We motored from Garden Bay to Sturt Bay, Texada Island.  We've passed Texada Island many times over the years not knowing that is was anything more than a great, hulking, forested rock in the middle of the Georgia Straits.  Sturt Bay, near the north end, has a good little anchorage and moorage available at the Texada Boat Club docks.  Everyone was so friendly.  People driving down the street would often stop to ask if we needed directions.  The grocery store was well stocked and reasonably priced.

Thursday dawned breezy out of the north, and we could finally sail.  It meant tacking upwind among the many reefs and rocks, but it was a good sail.  The wind eventually died (as usual) and we motored a few remaining miles to the SYC Cortes Island outstation.

Posted on the bulletin board is an interesting article about packs of wolves stalking hikers on Cortes Island earlier this summer   Yikes!  Unfazed, we caught up on a few chores:  Bill laid the anchor chain out on the dock and replaced missing length markers.  He also inflated the dinghy for upcoming anchorages.  Kathi rearranged (again) our clothes and linens for the ambient climate. We're loving the cool, sunny days.

After spending a couple nights tomorrow morning, Saturday, we heading north to Yaculta Rapids, Gillard Rapids and Dent Rapids.  This should be interesting.  We'll be adding wolves to our wildlife watch list.

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