Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fashion News: Foulies and Fleece

Tuesday, 7 August 2012 Lat 44 26N 142 08W 
Course 35 Boatspeed 8-9 kts Reaching
Wind NW 24 kts, Showers

Fashion for the new Fall Season is on display on Jarana, with the stylish crew sporting fleece, foulies and shoes or boots.  Accessorized with hot drinks and runny noses.

After a couple days flying along under spinnaker (blue) and SW winds, a cold front brought us brisk NW winds. Our average speed overnight has been over 8 kts. Yowza! With wind strength similar to the tradewinds, the sea state is somewhat lower, as these winds do not cover such long distances as the trades. Good thing.

Even with that, it's too rough to use our Moka stovetop espresso pot. With the gimbaled stove swinging back and forth, and the Moka top fills and the bottom empties, it's so top heavy that it falls over and spills causing a traumatic, early morning, hot espresso catastrophe. So it's instant coffee/swiss miss mochas instead.

We hope for landfall next weekend.

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  1. We had wondered where you were....and now we know! Best to you both, and I'm sure you look wonderful in those foulies! Good job on the eastbound.

    Rod and Elisabeth, s/v Proximity