Monday, May 7, 2012

Left Turn

Monday 7 May 2012 Lat 30 18 S Long 145 39 W 172 miles S of Rapa, 400 miles S of Raivavae and 770 miles south of Tahiti
-Course 330 deg Wind SW 19 kts Boatspeed 7-8kts

After a day and night of 22-30kts of wind on the nose, we're FINALLY, out from under the interminable northerlies and have been lifted 90 deg. We're still on starboard tack, but at least it's a reach and the boat isn't heeled all the time. Last night was beautiful: mild, 15kts breeze and moonlit, although the seas were still rough. But at least we're not taking waves over the boat and their related leaks have stopped.

Today, the sun is out and it's finally warm enough to wear shorts! We are so relieved to be pointed where we actually want to go.
We're 2 days from Rapa, arriving after dark, which would require standing off all night waiting to enter the coral strewn harbor in late morning when the sun is high and at our backs. Might just as well sail the extra day or so to Raivavae. So it's back to plan A.

So we can dry out somewhat. When we get ashore, there will be lots of stuff to wash before can go play. Most likely, we'll be ferrying water in jugs to fill the ship's tanks, as well.

Although we're still bored out of our skulls, we're feeling much encouraged. We listen to Jimmy Buffett to cheer us up too.

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