Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now We're Really Really in the Tropics

Monday 28 May 2012 Puna'auia (near Papeete) Tahiti. Warm, Humid and Showery

We arrived at Passe Havae in the wee hours Saturday morning and had a blessedly calm and quiet anchorage. We could smell the earth and the flowers as we approached in the night. Later that day, we motored inside the reef up to Port Phaeton. We got ashore for dinner, but didn't really get to explore the "Presqu' Ile " area.

Sunday, we motored north along the west coast up to Papeete. The scenery is just stunning: lush and green, high, craggy mountains, crashing white surf and red church steeples. Although thick grey clouds were swirling around the peaks, it was clear and sunny down at sea level..

We're now anchored in busy Punu'aauia.bay with speedboats and jet skis whizzing around. Fortunately, it's quite windy, making the warm humid air more comfortable. We've been cleaning the boat (mildew) and fixing things (the head). We tried grocery shopping today, but it's a holiday (again), so the stores closed early and we came home empty handed. (Leftovers again)

Last night we ate outdoors at the Marina Taina Dinghy Bar (pizza). There was a Brazilian band playing and it seemed like everybody (the French) brought their kids. So small kids were running around everywhere. But they were pretty cute. It was really pleasant. Unfortunately, it started to rain, so they had to herd all the customers under cover for a while.

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