Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Slogging to Windward

Tuesday 1 Mayl 2012 Lat 36 24 S Long 157 35 W -Course 35deg Wind N 1710 kts Boatspeed 6.8kts MOL

Seas are rougher than the winds would suggest, so we just slog along. Every once in a while, we take a seasickness pill, which takes us from merely dull-witted to catatonic.
Nonetheless,we really shouldn't complain too loudly. It's just tedious, not really a gale or storm.

If the wind comes up a bit more, we'll have to reef, slowing the boat down. Ironically, the motion may increase when we lose the dampening effect of the larger sail.

Dinner last night was lentil sausage and ratatouille stew and tart lemon yogurt. The smoked salmon is all gone.

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