Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Leaving Rangiroa

Wednesday, June 13th.  Bill's first passage blog post:
We finally got underway about 1400 after a drift snorkel in the pass in the morning.  Nancy & Mark liked it, but I thought the south pass at Fakarava was much better.

Most of yesterday was pretty flat with great sailing conditions, reaching along at 7 knots in 10-15 knots of breeze.  I was actually able to read a few chapters of my book, but today things have gotten pretty bouncy and I'm struggling to sit at the computer.

It was a clear, starry night, without any squalls.  I saw quite a few shooting stars before the crescent moon came up about 0200. l stood the entire watch in shorts and a t-shirt. This morning continues with great sailing conditions.  It looks like we will have good wind for a couple more days before things go light.

But below decks, things are hot and uncomfortable.  I'd sleep on deck if there was a good place sleep.

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