Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Rangiroa was a relatively busy little place.  There are a few resorts, pensions, restaurants, several grocery stores and other businesses.  So we were able to have a few meals out.  It was easy to hitchhike and people were very friendly.  The grocery stores were adequate and we were able to stock up on most things we wanted.

Bill and I took a terrific dive just outside the reef.  It was one of our deeper dives so far, around 100ft.  But the descent is down the slope of the reef and there is so much light, you don't have much impression of the depth.  It was one of the best dives we've had so far.

There is a fuel jetty there, so we had hopes of taking on fuel there.  However, the jetty is located next to the turbulent sandbar and that was a sign to us that it might not work out.

At one point, Nancy said "Let's go get fuel Saturday morning."  I'm not sure why she thought we should do that, but I was pretty alarmed by the idea..  Getting fuel meant moving the boat a couple miles to questionable location with rough waters and lots of current, trying to take on fuel, possibly in jugs by dinghy and then most likely returning to the old anchorage, dinghying ashore with my luggage and hitchhiking to the airport in time for a 1pm flight.  Uh, no thank you! 

As it was, 10am Saturday morning Bill and I got ashore with no drama, hitchhiked to the airport, had a pleasant lunch, said our goodbyes and I got on the plane.

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