Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rangiroa to Hawaii - Day 13- People pay money for this??

Sunday 24 June 2012
Lat: 10°32.79'N  Long: 149°13.42'W   815 NM from Honolulu
Stbd tack reach, 1 reef, heading 320T at 8.0 kts
Cabin Temperature: 83 deg F   Humidity:  74%

There's not much interesting to report today.  It's a little cooler this morning, but the motion is as violent as anything we experienced on the way to the Marquesas.

We have completed 191 miles in the past 24 hours and are still on track to arrive in Honolulu on Friday.  If we average 6.8 kts, we'll arrive about 0900 Friday morning.  Right now were averaging about 8 kts.

The constant motion makes it hard to do much aboard, so we sit around planning what we will do when we get to dry land.  For a ride like this at Disneyland, they'd charge you $10 for a two minute ride and make you wear a seatbelt.  We are free to move about the cabin and bang our heads, shoulders, shins, etc. on anything that moves (and everything moves).

Fortunately, it has been a little overcast, so temperatures are much more comfortable aboard.

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