Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rangiroa to Honolulu - Day 16

Wednesday 27 June 2012   Lat: 18°10.58'N   Long: 155°25.49'W  230 NM from Honolulu
Stbd tack reach, 2 reefs, heading 310T at 7.2 kts
Cabin Temperature: 83 deg F  Humidity:  70%

Early this morning, we were welcomed to Hawaiian waters by a pod of dolphins.  They only stuck around for a couple minutes before disappearing like they came.

Yesterday afternoon was spent negotiating a series of squalls, reefing and un-reefing several times.  The squalls continued into the night but both reefs stayed in after dark.

Mark has stayed busy in the galley, creating pizza lunches for both yesterday and today in spite of the motion.

And there is a lot of motion.  The wind has shifted a bit more to the north, which means we are sailing closer to the wind, bashing into head seas.  I can only imagine how horrible this passage would have been if we had left from somewhere further west like Bora Bora.

The Big Island looms in front of us.  With two peaks at over 13,000 feet, it should show like Mt Rainier shows from Seattle, but the island is almost completely hidden by clouds.  We will pass by the Southernmost point some time this evening.

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